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MkPDFs for MkDocs

Generate nice documentation PDFs.

MkPDFs for MkDocs is a plugin for MkDocs, a nice static site generator designed for project documentation.

MkPDFs for MkDocs

What makes this plugin different to other MkDocs pdf generator plugins, is that it's not dependent to a given plugin and may work with absolutely any MkDocs theme.


Before you start, make sure that your system meets the following requirements:

  1. MkDocs version 0.17.1 or higher
  2. Python 3.4 or higher
  3. It depends on WeasyPrint which depends on cairo, Pango and GDK-PixBuf. They need to be installed separately. Please follow your platform installation instructions carefully:

Quick start

Install the latest version of MkPDFs for MkDocs with pip:

pip3 install mkpdfs-mkdocs

Append the following line to your project's mkdocs.yml:

    - search
    - mkpdfs

or with options

    - search
    - mkpdfs:
        company: The War Company Inc.
        author: Monsieur Silvestre

Does it work?

Now run mkdocs serve to run the dev server or mkdocs build to build your documentation. If the installation went, well you should see the following message:

The PDF version of the documentation has been generated.

For detailed instructions see the getting started guide.