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Getting started


Installing MkDocs

Before installing MkDocs, you need to make sure you have Python and pip – the Python package manager – up and running. You can verify if you're already good to go with the following commands:

python --version
# Python 3.6.7
pip --version
# pip 19.0.3

If you have multiple versions of python and python 3 is not your default version, use pip3 instead of pip

You have to also make sure all requirements are installed.

Installing and verifying MkDocs is as simple as:

pip install mkdocs && mkdocs --version
# mkdocs, version 1.0.4

Installing MkPDFs

MkPDFs for MkDocs can be installed with pip, which is the prefered installation method.

You just have to run the following command:

pip install mkpdfs-mkdocs


You can customise the layout of the generated PDF using exposed options presented in the folliwing table.

Option Description
author The author of the document. This information will be printed on the cover page of the generated PDF.
company If this documentation is from a company, then you should provide this information. It will be displayed on the front page of the documentation, bellow the author information
toc_title The table of content title. The default value is Table of Contents
toc_position The position of the table of contents. This option supports 3 differents values: pre to put the toc at the beginning of the file but after the cover (*the default value), post to put it at the end of the file or none to not generate it at all.
output_path The file name of the generated PDF, relative to the site_dir. By default this location is set to pdf/combined.pdf
design Relative to your MkDocs repository, this option is the location of the CSS file defining the layout of the generated PDF. If this option is not defined the default design will be used. Defining an non existing file will cause the build or serve failure.

Configuration example

Here is an example of configuration that you can adapt depending on your needs.

    - search
    - mkpdfs:
        company: The War Company Inc.
        author: Monsieur Silvestre
        toc_title: ToC

Hide file content from the generated PDF

Sometime it can be interesting to hide a given documentation file from the PDF.

This can be achieved by using the Mkdocs YAML Style Meta-Data features.

For this, define a pdf metadata and set it to False in the top of your Markdown file like in the following example.

pdf: False

#Page title

Documentation design

You have the ability to design the layout of your Generated PDF by using CSS. You can find out complete documentation by visiting our Layout customisation section.